Boxes & Supplies

Pyramid shaped box sitting on top of other boxes and supplies at Southland Container.

Choose from any of our product categories to see sample boxes that may be perfect for your application. We can also design custom corrugated boxes, from light-duty to heavy-duty, to perfectly suit your specific product needs. Please contact our offices with any questions about Southland Container products or to request further information on any corrugated containers.

Specialized Containers for Food Processors and Distributors

Southland Container stocks specialized boxes for businesses processing and distributing food products. If your company needs a different size or type of container, Southland Container can build a custom die and create a custom box to fit your specific needs with custom printing, corrugated reinforcements, and waxed surfacing.

Seafood Containers

Seafood that needs to be packed in ice and shipped can be packaged in Southland Container specially waxed, heavy-duty, corrugated containers. The waxed seafood shipping boxes help prevent moisture from degrading the box material and the heavy-duty construction helps the containers survive shipping and handling while protecting the fresh seafood contents.

Moving & Storage Boxes, Tape, and Packaging Materials

The moving and storage industry is well established. Southland Container maintains an inventory of stock solutions for both moving and storage needs including but not limited to art/picture boxes, sofa boxes, TV boxes, wardrobe boxes, mirror boxes, book boxes, and multiple sizes of all purpose boxes for household items. We also stock bubble wrap, tape, newsprint, and other standard packaging materials for a complete, one-stop moving and storage container source.

Stock Boxes for Manufacturing and Common Storage and Transportation

Southland Container warehouses inventory of stock boxes suitable for applications in the manufacturing industry as well as for other common uses.

Custom Boxes and Box Dies

Southland Container houses custom manufactured dies onsite in our central warehouse. This allows us to provide custom designed box and container solutions for any client, including custom designed box inserts, custom printing, and packaging materials. If you have contents that need a unique box design, contact our offices for a free consultation.

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