Pallets of saran wrapped storage table boxes inside of Southland Container's warehousing facility

Southland Container provides warehousing for nonperishable inventory. Our warehousing facilities include over 130,000 square-feet of storage located on 10 acres of land.

Our warehousing facility is centrally located in the Southeastern United States in Mississippi with easy access to I-55 and Highway 49 just north of I-20.

The warehousing facility features six (6) freight-high docking bays to facilitate standard trailers and allow for maximum flow of goods.

Warehousing contracts are available for fixed spaces, long term and short term storage, with options on space for expansion.

All warehouse space is protected with alarms, video surveillance, and fire suppression systems.

Our warehousing function can be integrated with both fulfillment and distribution services onsite.

Contact our offices for more information and pricing on space.

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